Welcome to the Ad-Vocate

5 10 2007

The advertising and marketing worlds are on the cusp of a revolution. The world of radio, print, and television has experienced a big bang catalyzed by the rapid assimilation of technology. We are now in a world where 3 channels have expanded into 3,000+. However, the expansion of channels brings with it an opportunity for brands to connect with people in a more meaningful, more dynamic, and more personal manner. The day of media blasts – one to many marketing – is being eclipsed by personalized, targeted brand communications – one to one marketing. The advertising industry is in an era of upheaval and controlled – some would say uncontrolled – chaos.

New buzz words are coined every day and the conference halls are awash with confusion.

Conversation marketing. 360 degree integration. Word of mouth marketing. Buzz marketing. Metaverse marketing. Etc. etc. etc.

This is adscape of today.

Yet, the educational institutions still preach the outdated curriculum as gospel.

Change is needed.

The Ad-Vocate seeks to be a guiding hand in these turbulent times.

The Ad-Vocate is a conversation platform for students and the youth demographic to initiate a dialogue with marketers. Posts will be written primarily by students and young professionals, with the occasional guest spot from leading thought leaders. This is a location where students can pose questions, ask for guidance, or simply express their thoughts. Conversely it is also a forum where advertisers and marketers can reach out and tap our brains.

This is the site for the social media/new media/whatever you want to call it laymen. People who seek to expand their knowledge. This is the site for people that don’t subscribe to 250+ feeds and haven’t been to 2 or more PodCamps.

Welcome to the Ad-Vocate.




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