Starting the Conversation… The Marketing Toolbox Version 2011

6 10 2007

For all of you new readers welcome to The Ad-Vocate.

I thought long and hard about what to write about for the first official post and I arrived on the conclusion to let the community decide. The Ad-Vocate is a conversation platform; thus, to stay true to the manifesto I want to pose this question to all you marketers, advertisers, social media mavens, and those of you who prefer to remain uncategorized:

Based on all your accumulated wisdom,

A. What mandatory skills will a student graduating today need to be successful in this rapidly evolving environment?

B. What does the toolbox look like for a student just entering college and graduating in 2011?

So lets get the conversation started. Reply in the comments, on your blog, in your twitter feeds, and your Facebook journals.

I will use all of your comments to create a lesson plan from the front lines and build out a series of articles addressing, explaining, and expanding the conversation on all the issues you share.

In addition, I am in the process of attempting to launch a monthly thought leadership seminar at NYU’s Stern School of Business to expose students to cutting edge ideas and create a forum where students and pros like yourselves will be able to start a dialogue on the future of this industry. All your comments will help myself and the advisory panel currently consisting of All-Stars: CK, Tangerine Toad, Valeria Maltoni, Matt Dickman, Noah Brier, and the student rep Max Katsarelas, develop seminars that address the most pertinent and perhaps most frightening topics. After we trim the list I will be posting the top 10 seminar topics on this blog for all of you to vote on.

Lastly, I hope you all hop over to the Ning network created for this site and sign up. It is a network where you can communicate directly to young pros and students by offering advice, guidance, or just some smart quips. In addition, it will also facilitate a mentoring system. Don’t forget to proudly display The Ad-Vocate badge after joining.

Look forward to your insights and we are currently looking for student/young pro authors or pros that what to contribute.




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