The New Media Starter’s Kit

6 10 2007

The objective of this blog is be a conversation catalyst. Although I will publish posts expressing my opinions, points of view, rants, etc. I want each post to be a seed for conversation and I want you, the community, to chime in.


Most of you folks reading this blog at this early juncture are most likely people that are familiar with the New Media Scape and read a plethora of blogs – let me know if I’m wrong. The goal of this blog is to harness the vast combined knowledge of people like you to help the new comers whether they are students, young pros, or 65 year old grandmothers wanting to get in the game.

Together lets build a New Media Starter’s Kit.

So where to begin…

I pondered on that point for quite some time and step one was launching this blog. Step 2 is exposing people to more fantastic blogs so they can keep abreast of general industry developments and come in contact with thought provoking ideas. However, for a new entrant into this world it can be overwhelming with so many MUST READ blogs out there. Yours truly has 214 feed subscriptions… So here’s the question

What are your top 5 must read blogs for: General Ad News, Thought leaders, and Social Media/Technology?

Here’s mine:

Industry News:

1. Adrants

2. Adfreak

3. Adage

4. Brandweek Breaking News

5. MarketingVOX

Thought Leaders:

1. Logic + Emotion

2. BuzzMachine

3. Micro Persuasion

4. Marketing Profs

5. Learned on Women

Social Media & Technology:

1. Mashable

2. TechCrunch

3. VentureBeat

4. TechMeme

5. Ars Technica

There you have it. Please post your top 5 lists and I’ll compile a master list that will be reformatted into an OPML file and I will write a RSS Reader Starter’s Guide. Now whenever you want to bring someone into the fold just send them the starter’s guide and the OPML file. Quick and clean.

If you want to get more involved there is a forum thread in the Ad-Vocate forums.

Stop by for some tea and crumpets.




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