The OPML Thought Exchange

6 10 2007

In the process of writing the previous post I stumbled upon the idea of creating an OPML exchange. For those of you new to the game it is a file that includes all the RSS feeds you subscribe to. What is RSS you ask? Here’s a great primer.

Looking at someone’s OPML file is like peering into their mind, or perhaps even their soul. Similar to how looking at someone’s book collection, music library, or bathroom cabinets – for you snoopy types – tells you a lot about a person’s personality.

Didn’t you always wish you could take a peek at which sites David Armano or Jeff Jarvis read daily? (PS. If your reading this, please post your file) Hopefully now you can.

Compare notes and post your file.

Finally, taking this concept one step further are curated OPML files. For example why not put together a sub list that including websites focusing on marketing to women. Pick a theme, industry, or whatever and craft a feed list for the community.

Look forward to finding some great new blogs.


Here is a quickie video guide on how to export your OPML file from Google Reader




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