Human-Centered Communications

10 10 2007

As noted in the previous post:

Advertising at its core is the study of people, and why we do what we do.

The above statement is more true today than ever before as social media collides head-on with the traditional ad world. The industry is no longer a simple producer of 30 second spots, and pretty pictures. The role of the agency has expanded to providing design insights, being digital brand representatives, and conversation catalyzers.

The title for this post is a reference to a trend in the design world called Human-Centered Design. Here is a great video on the topic from a presentation at the TED Conference by David Kelley of Ideo. The Human-Centered Design movement is about starting with people and making products that enhance their lives, not designing for the sake of designing.

Are you advertisers listening?

Most advertising today is interruptive, and decreases our overall experience of media. Why don’t we take a more Human-Centered approach to communication?

Let’s start with the consumer and think backward.

There are various trends going in this direction like branded entertainment – in a grey area – and branded utility, which was coined by Johnny Vulkan over at NYC hotshop Anomaly. The best explanation of branded utility is a presentation crafted by Pier Fawkes from PSFK.

Everyone in advertising claims that 95% (Some say 99.9%) of ads are shit. If even you hate them, why would someone else love ’em.

In the next 12 months there will a multitude of buzz words that will be birthed to convey iterations of this approach, but at its core they really are just Human-Centered Communications.




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