What Advertisers Can Learn From Designers: Part 1

10 10 2007

Following with the theme of going beyond merely thinking out-side-the-box and stepping out of it completely, I wanted to share some fantastic design blogs with you all. Designers have that amazing ability to become their audiences and develop products that provide real benefits. There’s a lot to be learned here. Another piece of homework for account folks is to walk over and take a creative out for a few beers. Try wearing their glasses – even the fake ones some wear for show – and look at the world from another perspective. For students I encourage trying to expose yourself to as many new ideas and people as possible before your work becomes your life.

I will also be publishing a series of articles written by real designers.

1. Josh Spear


3. Core77

4. Design ideas

5. Fresh Creation

6. A Brief Message

Also some fantastic articles from BusinessWeek on design convergence:

Advertising By Design

Stirring Design Into Business

Designer? Engineer? He’s Both 




2 responses

12 10 2007
Tangerine Toad

Nice thought. The more you expose yourself to things outside your comfort zone, the more you learn and the more relevant you become.

People become stale because they fall into patterns and don’t shake things up. Learning from designers instead of dismissing them as non-conceptual thinkers is a great step in the right direction.

30 10 2007
The Design Centered World « THE AD-VOCATE

[…] The design centered world is a trend I have discussed in the past here and here. […]

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