Book Review: Profitable Marketing Communications

13 10 2007

This is definitely a book I’ll be picking up soon.

Below is an excerpt of a review written by Martina Zavango over at Adverblog

“When the publisher asked me if I wanted to review “Profitable Marketing Communications: A Guide to Marketing Return on Investment” at first I declined the offer, fearing it could have been a book all about numbers and calculations. The publisher of course insisted and explained me the idea I was getting from the title was wrong. So in the end I accepted, and now I’m glad I did it.

Working in brand communications ROI is a word I almost don’t know or better, I try to avoid as much as possible. It’s a silly thing, as I always preach that it’s important to have a 360 marketing approach, but when I see numbers and calculations I just can’t help it, I don’t know if you feel the same… it’s a sort of allergy, an allergy I would have to cure if I want to improve in my job. Ok, but now let’s talk about the book… First of all, I confirm that the idea I got from the title was wrong. I have no problem admitting it, but maybe I have the doubt the publisher didn’t make the right choice in choosing it.”

Head on over to Adverblog for the full review

Great blog that you should be reading anyway, if your not.

Here’s the Amazon link if your so inclined.




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