Creative vs. Account Exec: The Left vs. Right Brain Test

16 10 2007

Above is an optical illusion where the ballerina spins clockwise if you are more left brained and counter-clockwise if you lean on the right side.

However, if you keep staring at the picture you will eventually be able to flip the rotation. Take some time and you can train your brain to switch from left to right. It’s a great mental exercise.

Think of the brain as a thinking muscle. If you get lazy, fall into habits, and stop challenging your brain, it gets set in its ways. One-track thinking is the death of creativity and innovation, so challenge yourself by exploring new ideas, new opinions, and new people.

I’ll leave you with this anecdote pulled from a FastCompany article on learning title “Seeing is Believing”:

“Each time Mal “Skip” Bowen sat on his favorite beach, he noticed people diving for abalone a short distance offshore. When he set out to find one himself he bought gear, headed back to the beach, and went into the water. No abalone. Not a single one. He wondered if the tide had changed while he was gone or if someone else caught them all.
Just then a diver strolled by with a large catch. Skip tried again, returning empty handed. He wondered if he needed to wait until seagulls circled or waves reached a certain height when a diver who looked 100 years old, who was perhaps 42, walked by with even more abalone. Skip asked what he might be doing wrong.
The leathery-looking diver spit out a piece of kelp. “There’s something you should know about abalone.” He paused, nodding back toward the ocean. “Until you see your first abalone, you can’t see them at all. Once you see your first one, they’re everywhere.”
Skip grabbed his mask and fins, and headed toward the water. About an hour later, he saw his first abalone. He’s been seeing them everywhere since. “

The article continues to explore how we all need to get out of our own ways. Great read, check it out.




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30 11 2007
Reality #2 « Dear Jane Sample

[…] you actually want to read an article about this and not just my rant, check out – Creative vs. Account Exec: The Left vs. Right Brain Test by The […]

22 01 2008

Does the image on the top just flip every once in a while?

22 01 2008
Seni Thomas

Nope, sorry this actually is all in your head. Don’t believe me download the image. It is a jpg which cannot be animated, and if you further break it down there are no frames.

19 03 2008

Hang on…
Because the shadow at the bottom moves from right to left, we’re pre-programmed to think she’s spinning clockwise.
In order to see an anti-clockwise spin, your brain needs to ignore the shadow animation, or at least perceive it as something other than a shadow.
I don’t think it’s a left brain/right brain thing – it just measures how efficient your brain is at assembling all the available information into something coherent.
Please correct me if I’m wrong…

19 03 2008
Seni Thomas


You could be right, but if your in a room full of people, different people see it spinning different directions. Wacky.

31 05 2008

I’m an account person and the image spins both ways. If you focus on it with your right eye, it goes clockwise. If you switch eyes it goes counter/anti clockwise. What does this mean for my future?

29 05 2009

Guys, this is false about the pic – check out the toes and the arm, and the position of the leg: they clearly indicate a direction of motion. If you want to see the rotation change without having to stare at it, just come back to it in like two minutes or so after you loaded the pic.

I was thrown off too at first, but it wasn’t from staring – the change in direction caught my eye as I was reading the article and I thought it was some actual mind game, but it’s not. Lol, I hope people actually figured this out. Clever to see so many believing posts.

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