Facebook + Marketing P.2

16 10 2007

UPDATE: New post here on the over-valuation of Facebook and the 2.0 farce.

Here are a few links to, and examples of Facebook marketing.

From PSFK’s marketing blog IF! is a great list of the 8 best Facebook marketing executions compiled by Rohit Bhargava:

“1. MyHome2.0 – A group to recruit tech challenged families for a new reality TV show

2. Support Monk’s Protest in Burma – An online petition, of sorts, which more than 400,000 have added their names to

3. Yahoo! Pilot – A new group from Yahoo for those interested in hearing about and testing some new pilot technology in the works from Yahoo

4. Target – An award winning Facebook campaign targeted at college students decorating their dorm rooms with prizes and contests.

5. I read Business 2.0 – and I want to keep reading! – A grassroots and ultimately unsuccessful effort from the editorial team and readers of Business2.0 to keep Time Inc. from closing the magazine

6. Bhargava Clan – A group for people with my last name originated to connect Bhargavas together worldwide and perhaps even facilitate some arranged marriages along the way (has more than 125 members)

7. Dancing with the Stars Vote for Mark and Kym – Mark Cuban has been working his Facebook friends for the past few weeks to keep the votes coming and to combat some of the celebs that he is up against. Reading his status updates about being nervous 55 minutes before showtime puts you in the midst of the action and makes you care. I’ve been voting for him even though I don’t watch the show.

8. Event Related Groups – Just about every marketing or tech event now has an associated Facebook group. The nice thing about these groups is that it makes it somewhat easier to connect with folks that you meet at the event as many are listed in the same place. Ad-Tech, SxSW and Intel’s IDF all have facebook pages.”

Also hop on over to Greg Verdino’s blog to read his insightful commentary Rohit’s post.




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16 10 2007
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