The Holy Grail of Social Media: Google Incubator

25 10 2007

Orkut + Google Tools + Spock = Social Networks + Collaboration Enablers + People Search = The Holy Grail

My money is on Google for long term dominance of the collaboration and social networking space. I’m waiting to see how they will position Orkut and roll it out, but the killer app in this space has always been the convergence of collaboration tools, people search, and social networks.

I call this the Google Incubator. It is about connecting people with ideas, and enabling them.

The mantra of innovation is People, People, People. However, the biggest barrier for getting an idea off the ground is finding the right people.

Imagine this scenario:

You are taking a shower one day and have a great idea. You build a private group on Orkut and start to flesh it out. Then you run a search for people that have opted in for incubator projects to build a team. You search of a Ajax developer with 5 years of experience and a conversational marketer familiar with teens. The bot parses through all of the data on Orkut’s profiles and spits back a list of qualified people. You then send out invites and have an ad hoc team, which Google’s productivity tools bring together.

Talent today is geo-agnostic and so are ideas. Google Incubator could be the world’s biggest innovation factory and a VCs wet dream.

My 2 cents.




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28 10 2007
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The Holy Grail of Social Media: Google Incubator

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16 03 2009
Samantha Lee Jones


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