The Design Centered World

29 10 2007

The design centered world is a trend I have discussed in the past here and here.

Elizabeth Sanders is putting together is an in-depth analysis of the trends progression global. Below is an excerpt, check out the full article here.

We are in the middle of massive change.

It’s not about the world of design. It’s about the design of the world’. (Mau et al., 2005).

The market-driven era is finally giving way to the people centered era. What this means for design and design research is that:

  • people who are not educated in design are designing;
  • the line between product and service is no longer clear;
  • the boundaries between the design disciplines are blurring;
  • the action now is in the fuzzy front end of the design development process with a focus on experiential rather than physical or material concerns;
  • the action in the fuzzy front end is all about new ways to understand and to empathize with the needs and dreams of people.

So this is an exciting and a confusing time for design research. The excitement comes partly from the significant recent interest of the business community in the value of design research and design thinking. The excitement is particularly evident in the fuzzy front end of the design development process.”




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3 11 2007
The Design Centered World

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