11.5 Ways To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Creativity Curve

30 10 2007

The list below was pulled Robert I. Sutton’s Weird Ideas that Work

A few obvious ones, but there are a few gems as well.

“(1) Hire smart people who will avoid doing things the same way your company has always done things.

(1.5) Diversify your talent and knowledge base, especially with people who get under your skin.

(2) Hire people with skills you don’t need yet, and put them in untraditional assignments.

(3) Use job interviews as a source of new ideas more than as a way to hire.

(4) Give room for people to focus on what interests them, and to develop their ideas in their own way.

(5) Help people learn how to be tougher in testing ideas, while being considerate of the people involved.

(6) Focus attention on new and smarter attempts whether they succeed or not.

(7) Use the power of self-confidence to encourage unconventional trials.

(8) Use “bad” ideas to help reveal good ones.

(9) Keep a balance between having too much and too little outside contact in your creative activities.

(10) Have people with little experience and new perspectives tackle key issues.

(11) Escape from the mental shackles of your organization’s past successes.”




One response

31 10 2007
Jurgen Wolff

Good list, but number three sounds like exploitation–maybe there should be a reward structure if interviewees come up with valuable ideas but are not hired?

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