The Ultimate Betrayal: Facebook’s SocialAds Hawks Your Identity

31 10 2007

As targeting permeates the online ad world, privacy will become the central issue.

We live in a world today where the online advertising networks are all rushing to provide us the service of targeted advertising. Thanks guys, appreciate it.

However, the question remains, where are they getting the information???

There are a number of models out there such as cookies tracking what sites you visit, contextual targeting (like Google), and the new buzzword Behavioral targeting being pushed by Tacoda (Read about the basics here).

Of course the talk of the town right now is Facebook‘s new SocialAds platform, which is inherently different because they are using user-provided personal information for targeting vs. information gathered in the background, or through requested information as in search. This is a direct betrayal of the user base. We provided Facebook our most personal information so that we can connect with our peers, not to have it hawked to the highest bidder.

People have even had their accounts disabled for not providing accurate information.

At this point we know little of how privacy will be incorporated, if at all, however, I am announcing here that I will leave the platform if my information is betrayed.




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