NBC Media Offering Goes Multi-Platform: IGA In-Game Partnership

5 11 2007

Old media looks a little fresher when holding hands with the new kids on the block.

I recently wrote about how FOX was leveraging other components of the News Corp portfolio to aide in pushing Super Bowl inventory. Well here’s another announcement that old media vanguard NBC is entering into a strategic partnership with IGA Worldwide Inc., the largest private in-game advertiser.

Personally I love these collaborations. It makes the blander TV, radio, and print sales packages sexier and allows new media companies to leverage the awesome sales power of their older cousins. In addition, it provides a boost in authenticity for these new platforms. I am extremely excited for the next upfronts as the TV ad sales game with undergo a significant transformation and I feel that especially TV will be a major conduit to funnel more money online and beyond.

In my opinion finding yourself an entrenched partner can only help a newcomer with a sexy product.

Full press release here.




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