Innovators’ Ball: Raise Some $$$ For Obama and Dance With Some Stars

3 12 2007


A friend of mine from my home state, Hawaii, is organizing a gala event on Dec. 10th to raise funds for the Obama campaign.

The Innovators’ Ball is an event specifically targeting media and tech people in the New York area and highlights Obama’s commitment to this group and his technology platform.

Read the full technology and innovation plan here.

Even if your not an Obama supporter there is going to be a fantastic ensemble of honorees attending the event:

– Chris Hughes (Co-Founder: Facebook)
– Scott Heiferman (Co-Founder & CEO:
– Craig Newmark (Founder: Craigslist)
– Julius Genachowski (Former Chief of Operations: IAC)
– Hill Harper (Actor: CSI NY)
– Margo Lion (Producer: Hairspray)
– Ted Sorenson (Lead Speechwriter: President Kennedy)

In addition, the planning committee is still looking to extend the list so if you know anyone that might be interested, or you would like to attend as a honoree yourself, please contact the organizers at host [at]

Please mention my name if you decide to attend.  Much appreciated.




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