Organically Mutating Websites…

16 03 2008

An open source company website

Noah Brier turned me on this newly launched website from agency Modernista!, which is essentially just an navigational interface that threads together information about the company from a plethora of social media platforms. For example they have a gallery on Flickr, their video reel lives on YouTube, and the About section lives on Wikipedia.

These guys have balls of steel.

They are handing over control of their ‘brand’ to the people.

For example their competition could reedit their wikipedia entry, or consumers could trash their creative with comments that potential clients could see.

Crazy? Yes, but admirable.

They are walking the walk, and committing to openness, for in today’s marketing world the consumers own THE BRAND, not the corporations or the agency of record.





2 responses

17 03 2008

If “they” don’t get IT why would you want THEM as clients in the first place?

17 03 2008
Seni Thomas


Amen, and thanks for stopping by. Love the site.

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