Harnessing the Wisdom of YOUR Crowds: Why the “Wisdom of Crowds” is Flawed

17 03 2008

Excerpt from today’s Featured Post on Marketing Profs Daily Fix:

“Why am I so distressed about having to use a news aggregation site?

Because the Wisdom of Crowds is a flawed model for long tail information aggregation. It works for data predictions and guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, but the ‘Crowd’ is nontransparent, it is sterile, and most importantly, it doesn’t know who I am.

In addition, Digg is controlled by the select elite, and TechMeme favors large sites like TechCrunch and non-blog content like The Register, because they have more traffic (equaling more overall links) and it lets the gems fall through the cracks.

The Crowd will never understand my eclectic tastes, the nuances of my passions, and the tonality that puts a smirk on my face.

So who or what does know all these aspects of Seni Thomas?

My friends and my communities, of course……. MY CROWDS.”

Check out the full article here.



One response

25 11 2008

Interesting analysis. Wisdom of the crowd also assumes:
1) ideological
2) that all queries (for instance a search engine) aren’t information based–but have other more primal.
3) don’t assume how group membership or friend affinity might alter results.

I do like the potential of Predictify to serve as market insight.

Congrats on the Marketing Prof and “Age of Conversation” articles!

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