Everything I have learned in my life… Up to this point

4 04 2008


“Don’t Work With Assholes” – Stefan Sagmeister

Smart guy. I just wanted to share this amazing minidocumentary on Stefan Sagmiester’s exhibit “Everything I have learned in my life… Up to this point”.

Also one of truths is, “Keeping a diary supports personal development”.

This whole trend toward lifestreaming and everyone sharing their lives online has always been approached as an outward facing action; however, by making our lives more transparent to others we are also making it more transparent to ourselves.

And, that is your moment of Zen.

Other truths:

“My Dreams Have No Meaning”

“Don’t Work With Assholes”

“Everyone Thinks They Are Right”

“Trying To Look Good Limits My Life”

“Worrying Solves Nothing”

“Complaining Is Silly”

Check out the video here



2 responses

10 05 2009
Nashville SEO

Duuuuuuuude, I want to blow up that picture, frame it, and put it right above my desk, in my office. Learned it the hard way.

I really like the idea of a personal development di..a…journal. I just stumbled on to some stuff I wrote down, that I learned a few years ago—how easily we forget.

One bit of wisdom for your many: complaining isn’t silly. It teaches us where we are fighting against reality. There is immense wealth to be mined by recognizing those moments in ourselves. So that we can slap ourselves back in to reality—and the whining little complainer out of ourselves—at the same time.

I’m putting your blog on my regular reading list. Quality stuff here.

25 11 2010

Ahh, I like what you wrote about the wisdom of complaining…why do we fight against reality? (:

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