How to perserve a moment in time through the eyes of many

4 04 2008

How to archive events from multiple perspectives

The primary concept that the majority of my brain power has been allocated to has been the idea of community feeds that I discussed in my previous article, “Harnessing the Wisdom of YOUR Crowds: Why the Wisdom of Crowds Is Flawed” .

However, another interesting concept grew out of my efforts to create one of these community feeds around the attendees of the 2008 Blogger Social that is taking place in New York.

Community Event-streaming

How many parties have you been to where the host asked everyone to upload pictures to a Flickr group or videos to a YouTube channel? Everyone wants to crowdsource the task of capturing a moment in time as one person can’t be everywhere at once, but we still want to experience everything.

Now pictures and videos are nice, but what about capturing the conversations that give the media context? Currently it is lost and you need your friends to walk you through their albums for the full effect.

The solution?

1. Create a Friend Feed account with the name of the event

2. Friend everyone that will be attending

3. Export the aggregated information through RSS

4. The RSS channel becomes the archive of everything that happened at the event, which can be search and explored at a later date


The aggregated feed aggregates photos and videos, but also the Tweets and Blog posts that provide the content with context in a chronological stream.

As a proof of concept I have built a feed for the Blogger Social ’08, so I hope all those that couldn’t attend join us:



7 responses

13 04 2008

Seni, It was delightful to meet you at Blogger Social. I enjoyed our Japanese moment. We have to take advantage of that at the next Meet-Up.

Your post has pushed me over the edge to finally sign up for FriendFeed. For me, what is missing at FriendFeed are Product Hives like Sugar Inc, This Next, Splendora and Bestuff. But it is certainly a convenient place to follow my friends’ activities.

7 08 2009
Cool Springs

That is a great idea. Im goign to suggest it to my cousin, he has a wrestling website and often will have the audience upload their photos or video collectively online. This will help to organize/streamline them considerably I think.

28 09 2009

One of the great things about social media is that memories aren’t lost like they used to be. If I had Facebook or even Photobucket when I was in high school there are so many good times that I would feel like I got to keep…or at least got to keep part of it. But they are lost to the past or in a few pictures in some shoebox somewhere that I might find if I look long enough. But now, when I do something fun with friends I just upload it to Facebook and I can see the pictures anytime and just about anywhere. Your blog suggests an extension of that. Technology can be so cool!

9 05 2010

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29 04 2011
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29 04 2011
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10 10 2011

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