One of those New York moments…

4 04 2008

Why is there a loony brit in a ridiculous outfit?

The most interesting thing happened this morning on the morning commute. I got on the C train in Brooklyn completely engrossed in my New Yorker cocoon, with iTouch powered 180 BPM house music trying valiantly to wake me up before the morning java and my visual senses fixated on Convergence Culture.

Then it happened… the subway operator flung open his door and starting talking to the passengers of the car. At first everyone was startled as the man began to recite various stories he had read in the morning paper. However, by the 3rd stop the entire car was caught up in an intense ad hoc analysis of current events, and every new passenger that stepped into this car turned symposium was shallowed in the conversation.

I even joined in (It broke through my media addict shield, which is no easy feat).

Anyway, it just reminded me of old town criers that would disseminate information. One interesting thing about mass media is that we are more apt to discuss it as we are all on the same page vs. esoteric media theory posts from online celebs (I’m still shocked when I drop a name like David Armano and people look at me with a blank stare…)



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13 12 2010

Dear Sir

With respect, a simple search of the internet would have informed you that the man pictured was NOT a “Loony Brit” in a “Ridiculous costume” but was in fact a “Town Crier” these people were employed by cities to broadcast news to the local population by standing on street corners and proclaiming the news a great volume. This was in the days before the age of newsprint, and also when 80% of the population was unable to read or write. “Town Criers” are still employed by some cities today, but they provide more of an advertising service that actually broadcasting news.

Please, next time before you go shouting your mouth off decrying British people and their traditions DO A SEARCH AND FIND OUT ! ! ! ! ! !

13 12 2010
Seni Thomas

If you look at the bottom of the post I do mention it is a town crier. Headlines are merely used to generate interest.

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