The Manifesto


The advertising and marketing worlds are on the cusp of a revolution. The world of radio, print, and television has experienced a big bang catalyzed by the rapid assimilation of technology. We are now in a world where 3 channels have expanded into 3,000+. However, the expansion of channels brings with it an opportunity for brands to connect with people in a more meaningful, more dynamic, and more personal manner. The day of media blasts – one to many marketing – is being eclipsed by personalized, targeted brand communications – one to one marketing. The advertising industry is in an era of upheaval and controlled – some would say uncontrolled – chaos.

New buzz words are coined every day and the conference halls are awash with confusion.

Conversation marketing. 360 degree integration. Word of mouth marketing. Buzz marketing. Metaverse marketing. Etc. etc. etc.

This is adscape of today.

Yet, the educational institutions still preach the outdated curriculum as gospel, and professionals everywhere are sticking their heads in the sand hoping it will all blow over.

Change is needed, and change should be embraced.

The Ad-Vocate seeks to be a guiding hand in these turbulent times.

The Ad-Vocate is a conversation platform for students of advertising, media, and sociology.

The Ad-Vocate is a space where we can collaboratively explore the ultimate question, why do these crazy little creatures called humans do what they do?

Welcome to the Ad-Vocate.

2 responses

9 10 2007
Scott Monty

Hey Seni and Max,

Congratulations on the new blog – great design, great concept. I’m closing in on the number of feeds & PodCamps that will disqualify me, but I’ll still keep reading anyway. Looking forward to what you have to say.

29 05 2009
Christopher Prince Boucher


Congrats on the launch. Love your ideas. Keep up the great work!

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