The Age of Conversation, One More Time

16 03 2008

Bigger and Better… What more can you ask for?

Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan are at it again, with the next incarnation of last year’s The Age of Conversation, a collaborative book project where 100+ bloggers contributed short articles on various issues surrounding media today. You can still buy it here.

However, this time around yours truly will a contributor.

It is a fantastic project and I’m very humbled to have been selected to participate.

In addition, all proceeds will be donated to Variety’s LifeLine charity of kids. It’s win-win, you get to gain more perspective on the state of media today, and the budding media strategists of the future will have an opportunity to live full, fulfilling lives.

Finally, we are planning a huge Bum Rush for new book on March 29th, so please support the project and help spread the word.

Details here.

Extending Blog Conversations With CoComment

3 12 2007

Join the CoComment bandwagon.

Don’t let the deformed, yet seemingly happy, mascots turn you off from CoComment. They kinda grow on you…

CoComment, for those of you that haven’t given it a try yet, is a great plug-in that aggregates all the comment threads you contribute to on various blogs. There are so many great conversations that take place around blog posts; however, most people leave a comment and never check back to follow up. With CoComment it makes it easy to keep tabs on various threads and increases interaction, which can only be a good thing.

I’m not affiliated in anyway, but I love the app and hope all my regular readers check it out so we increase the chatter in this blog.

Look forward to hearing more of everyone’s insights.