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Seni Thomas

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Guided by his passion and thirst to evolve the ad-scape, Seni developed The Ad-Vocate. The key to igniting change is empowerment through knowledge; thus, Seni sought to create a location where students and young professionals could be exposed to the cutting edge advertising/marketing ideas that educational institutions simply aren’t providing.

Seni Thomas was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived throughout Southeast Asia before settling down on the island of Maui. After enduring a severe case of Island Fever he jumped ship to NYU’s Stern School of Business in good old New York City studying Marketing and International Business. Professionally he is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit which led to him founding a web development and computer repair company at 14. After a quarter life crisis at 15 – after a summer working 40 hours a week at Boeing R&D on Maui – he decided to pursue his other passion of marketing – essentially the study of people and why these crazy creatures do what they do. Interesting stuff. Since then he has dabbled in everything from launching Alternate Reality Games, to ethnic fashion marketing, to aiding in the launch of Verizon’s FiOS television service.

I am currently an employee of Kirshenbaum, Bond + Partners’, media buying and planning arm, The Media Kitchen.  Everything expressed on this blog is solely based upon my personal ideas and perceptions and do not reflect any official stances of The Media Kitchen.

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13 11 2007
David Cushman

Hi Seni – if you’re ever in the UK look me up. Great postings and a great blogroll!
Good luck with the next move.


14 11 2007


I saw your recent posting on Slideshare about 3i – innovation incubator interface,

is there such a system out there already?

thnax, dick

27 04 2008


wanted to know if you could suggest some books on new vs. old media, or along the line of marketing/branding new media. By the end of the year I will be working for a magazine and their marketing dept. and wanted to brush up on my media marketing info.

thank you,


7 06 2008


Adam Gayner here. Founder and CEO of Fred. I just read your very kind words about our guy Fred. We should keep in touch. As a background, I am an ad guy who is fascinated by the melding together of the traditional disciplines of direct marketing with brand advertising, new media, product development, brand architecture – all rolled into a non-linear process created by my boutique ad agency. We are very excited about Fred. Thanks again.

23 07 2009

hi i wana ask you if u have any relatives in romania?because in my country Seni is a common surename. my Name Is Seni Teodor

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